Reviewing Sweet Silk Sugarpaste by Sweet Success

Now if you decorate a lot of cakes like I do, you’ll be after the perfect sugarpaste to use to both cover the cakes, and model with. And, like me, you’ve probably used a lot of different types in the quest to find it. I’ve tried Tesco, Asda, Regalice, Dr Oetker, Bako, Covapaste….and possibly a couple of others too. I was quite happy with the Tesco brand for quite a while, but then they ‘improved’ the recipe, and like many other decorators I know, I found it much harder to use. So I had settled on Covapaste for a while, and it suited me. But I’ve had a couple of difficult batches of this recently, so went on the hunt again.

I was sent a free sample of Sweet Silk Sugarpaste from Sweet Success. I’m saying that to be totally honest and up front with you. It was a 1kg free sample, but I am reviewing this giving my own true, honest opinions. I am not being paid to review this product.

It just so happens that the next cake I was making was a birthday cake for my daughter, Grace. Now I gave this sample quite a work out. I gave it a good knead, I coloured it, and I rolled it very thin as the cake was a 8″ round, 4″ deep one, and I wanted to use the same paste for some of the decorations. I’ll be honest with you, it did tear a little bit, and when I tried to colour it, it took longer than the Covapaste to fully take on and evenly distribute the colour. But I felt that I’d probably not treated this in quite the same way as I would have done another batch of paste- ie I rolled it far thinner than I normally would, so I ordered some more and had another go.

And with the next cake I had more success.  In fact, I’ve tried it on this cake…..


And on this cake…..

And on this cake…..

And on this cake…..
And also on this one…..

Although on this last one I had a bit of trouble again. You see I’d forgotten the magic trick that I’d tried with the others- warm the paste in the microwave. Just for about a minute on a low heat, but that’s just enough to introduce enough warmth to it, that you don’t have to knead and knead and knead it to get it pliable, and the warmer paste takes the colour much more easily, it’s softer, it rolls better, it covers better. I forgot about this when covering this one, so ended up with some tears and elephant skin (hence the rocks covering the front- sssh don’t tell my nephew, this one was for him!)

So the secret to this, for me anyway, seems to be, if you warm it up, it’s easier to use. So for now, although I’ll still keep an eye on what other brands are doing, I’ll be using Sweet Silk Sugarpaste from Sweet Success. You can buy it direct from Sweet Success, and they make it there themselves. And if you are going to be using a lot of it, you can apply for a trade account so you’ll get it that bit cheaper too.

Or, you could enter their current competition to win 1kg of the paste to try for yourself. You can enter over on their fb page.  Good luck if you’re entering!!

Let me know if you use it too, and what you think about it, I’ll be really interest
ed to hear your thoughts.



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