Magazine Cover Girl! (Well….Robot!)

29th January 2019


It has been a VERY long time since I wrote a blog post. About three years, almost to the day in fact. In general, life took over, I was busy with orders, and I kind of fell out of love with my old website so couldn’t really be bothered putting the effort in if the truth be told! However, now I have a shiny new website (thanks to Smart Bear Websites) and I’m feeling pretty motivated to start blogging again. Happy Days.

So, what’s happening at the moment? Well, in terms of orders and practical work, not a great deal. I’m currently having my kitchen renovated so no work space, no orders. Lots going on behind the scenes though- work on the website, planning for classes etc… and this!

Yes! I’m now writing for Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Magazine (The BEST SELLING Sugarcraft Magzine!!!) which in itself is just so exciting for me, but as an added injection of giddiness, my little robot model got to be the main feature on the front cover!! How excited am I?! (Small hint- VERY).

I’m so honoured to be asked to write for the magazine, and I’ve been given a monthly feature, so you’ll be seeing me appear again in the magazine for Marie’s Monthly Modelling Class. A couple of tutorials are already photographed and more planned ready to make!

Just like my Monthly Modellers Classes, the tutorial is very step by step and explains everything in detail. Once you’ve learnt how to make the different shapes and how to put them together, you could adapt the tutorial for a different colour scheme, or change the shapes to design your own robot. This little model would be great for a birthday cake, or you could even use it for a Valentine’s/Anniversary cake by making a partner to sit with your robot.

And well….it’s got to be done hasn’t it….had to nip to WHSmith at The Trafford Centre on Friday when the magazine was out in the shops to get a cheeky selfie. Slightly embarrassing when the manager came up to ask if I was ok, but hey, not every day you get to be a cover star is it???

Looking forward to next month already!


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