How to stop metal cookie cutters from rusting

Quick post today, and on a subject you may have read about before.  After Realisation-of-how-many-cookie-cutters-I-actually-have-and-never-use-day , I’ve been reading rather a lot about decorating cookies in order to equip myself to use them more than I currently do.  So if someone needs crediting with this brain wave idea I’m more than happy to add that here, I’ve just read such a lot I don’t know where I read what…..

So here’s the tip.  When you have finished baking the cookies, wash the cutters, rinse them and put them on a baking tray, and back in the oven to air dry for a few minutes.  This is a revelation to me, I’ve always air dried them on a clean tea towel in the kitchen, but this makes perfect sense.  No more difficult cutters to dry, and no more risking them going rusty if you leave them like me. Brilliant.

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