How to Make a Marshmallow Snowman

How to make a marshmallow snowman

There are lots of fayres around this time of year, and you might also be looking for something to do with the kids.  Look know further,  marshmallow snowmen are what you’ve been looking for 🙂

For each snowman you will need:
three large white marshmallows
giant chocolate buttons
fizzy laces
cooking chocolate
orange candy melts/buttons
a lolly stick

1. Put the marshmallows on the stick.


This picture is a bit on an aside.  When chocolate is banging about in a bag with other chocolates, they rub against each other, and that’s what causes the white marks.  If you want your chocolate without these, just rub it with your finger and they disappear :0)


2. Make 2 piping bags (you can find out how to do this here ) and half fill one with melted chocolate.  I say make with cooking chocolate, then you don’t have to worry about tempering it to stop any blooming.


3. Put a blob of melted chocolate on the giant button, and stick the Rolo to it, to make the hat.
4. Put a blob of melted chocolate on the top of the marshmallow and stick the hat to it.  Then pipe the details you would like to add to your snowman on the marshmallows- eyes, mouths, buttons, arms…

5. Then using the second piping bag you made, melt orange candy melts, or orange flavoured buttons like these, which can be found in most supermarkets.


6. Pipe a nose by piping a blob, then pulling the piping bag away to create a point, like a carrot.

7. Next add the fizzy lace.  Depending on where you buy these from, some will hold like this, others, you will have to tie in a knot.
8. And if you are making them to sell at a fayre, pop in a bag, and seal with a twist tie :0)
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