French Cake Breaks

It’s February. It’s cold, wet, pretty dull most of the time, and we’re desperately thinking about some summer sun to brighten our days, and booking a holiday to keep us going til then aren’t we? Well, if you are into cake baking and decorating I have the perfect holiday for you!

Last May I was lucky enough to go away on a French Cake Break with two friends, one who has a cake business not far from me in Manchester, and another who is a keen baker and just starting out on the road of learning how to decorate her masterpieces. A fairly mixed bag of experience between us, but what we produced pleased all of us in equal measures.

French Cake Breaks are run by my wonderful friend Rhu of Pimp my Cake and Claire of Gite La Nougayrede.

Now don’t be fooled into thinking that I’m giving a glowing report because Rhu is my friend, what you are about to read is a true reflection of how much I enjoyed the week. Because I did enjoy it. Immensely.
Of the week we spent away, two days accounted for travelling there and back, and relaxation time, and on one day we had a visit to Sarlat Market, a wonderfully typical French market town where you can buy souvenirs to take home, including all the local delicacies.

The remaining time is spent at the gite in classes with Rhu, who is very generous with her knowledge and I picked up lots of extra hints and tips along the way, as well as the teaching for all three projects. Rhu runs a beginner’s week, an intermediate week, and now also a fabulous week learning how to make Marissa the mermaid. Oh how I would love to go back and take this week of classes!!

During our stay we made a bride and groom, a high heeled shoe and a car, all of which came back in the hand luggage!

(I know my groom has a bit of a lean- but I know why it happened and I learnt from it- all part of the class experience!)

The accommodation is extremely comfortable and the meals provided are amazing, Claire is a fabulous cook, also making some amazing puddings. Add some lovely local wine to the mix- I’d make sure you pack the elasticated trousers!
If you are thinking about taking a French Cake Break, I can honestly, whole heartedly recommend it. I had the most wonderfully relaxing week, enjoyed fabulous hospitality and learnt an amazing amount in the short time we were there. I’d definitely go back if I had the opportunity to. Don’t hesitate any longer- go and book that holiday!!!
You can find out more about French Cake Breaks here, hear the latest news on fb here and find more about what Rhu is up to here .
Let me know if you go- I’d love to see the holiday snaps!

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Oh this sounds fab. I love baking but I’ve never really done any decorating.


I love cake decorating. I can’t do it myself, but they look amazing when its done properly!


What an amazing holiday! I quite fancy a french cottage now I am a proper grown up haha. Oh that mermaid,… I would have wet myself as a child if my Grandma had created that instead of wonky miss piggys and evil rabbits!


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