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How to make a stripy vanilla and chocolate bundt cake

7th October 2013

I’ve seen a few stripy cakes around recently, and after treating myself to a bargain bundt tin this week (£1.99 from Home Bargains!!!) I decided I needed to use it, instead of putting it in the cupboard and not using it for months. Not that


How to make Chocolate and Morello Cherry Slices

1st October 2013

I know these don’t look too exciting, but the taste is awesome, and they’d be really good with custard or cream too. And with added cherries, but for this bake, I just wanted to try out the flavouring, but if you did want to add some, about


Recipe for Brioche and Nutella Pudding

10th September 2013

This is a twist on bread and butter pudding which came about due to the need to use up a packet of brioche….. What you need for this recipe:
25g butter
6 individual brioche rolls, sliced
350ml whole milk
50ml double cream
2 eggs 25g sugar


How to make Wholemeal Honey Rolls using your breadmachine

27th August 2013

Sometimes, there is just nothing nicer than eating fresh, still warm, home baked bread rolls, and these ones in particular are fabulous. And if you have a breadmachine, all the hard work is done for you 🙂 What you need:
310ml water
30g cho


Recipe for how to make Coconut and Cranberry Slices

6th August 2013

These are truly yummy, and VERY easy to make. This recipe uses a very easy, foolproof method of baking. And it’s really easy to follow. And you don’t need to remember any measurements, because you weigh your eggs, and then use the same am


Recipe for how to make sticky toffee pudding

31st July 2013

Ingredients you will need for the recipe For the toffee pudding:
200g dried dates, stoned and chopped.
250ml black tea (not too strong)
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
85g unsalted butter, softened
175g self-raising flour
1 tsp mixed spice
175g g


How to make edible tortilla dessert bowls

9th July 2013

These are the simplest thing to make, super yummy , and give you a different way of presenting a dessert. You can make them savoury by omitting the sugar.
You need about a tablespoon of butter, and a couple of teaspoons of sugar per tortill


How to make chocolate brownie cookies

2nd July 2013

These little beauties are gorgeous!! They’ve come about because one of the lovely ladies who attends my classes is dairy free. I like to bake for the students at my classes, so was looking for a dairy free recipe. I found a recipe I liked,


How to make Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies

18th June 2013

Ok, so the jury is still out on these. I have to be honest with you, I can’t make my mind up whether I like them or not. The reason I chose to make them was to do with my quest to find yummy tasting treats that don’t pile on the pounds. And


How to make goats cheese, strawberry and honey crostini

11th June 2013

After spending a week on a French Cake Break with Rhu Strand from Pimp my Cake with Mama Rhu, and being treated to the most amazing cooking, I took inspiration from one of the local delicacies that we were treated to and added a bit of a tw


How to make yummy bread rolls, using a bread machine

6th June 2013

I love fresh bread, there’s little that can beat the taste and texture of it fresh from the oven. But sometimes I just don’t have time, or I’m just not organised enough, to make it all by hand. So this is where my bread machine comes into i


Reviewing Sweet Silk Sugarpaste by Sweet Success

21st May 2013

Now if you decorate a lot of cakes like I do, you’ll be after the perfect sugarpaste to use to both cover the cakes, and model with. And, like me, you’ve probably used a lot of different types in the quest to find it. I’ve tried Tesco, Asda


How to make homemade chocolate pudding and toffee sauce

12th March 2013

 Looks lush doesn’t it? Let me tell you… is! 😉 My other half even said it was the sort of pudding you could serve in a restaurant- high praise indeed!!! So without further ado, let me tell you how to make it for yourself…


How to make Anzac Biscuits

5th March 2013

Last week my eldest daughter Grace had to do a talk at school. She had visited The Imperial War Museum North with her Dad and younger sister Alice, whilst I was poorly in bed. So she decided to talk about her visit there. We also talked abo

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