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How to make a cat cake topper

24th January 2022

How to make an edible cat cake topper What you will need: Sugarpaste in brown, white and black Dresden tool Edible glue Paintbrush What to do: Roll a smooth ball of brown sugarpaste, and roll one end of it into an egg shape to make the body


5th February 2019

Baking and Mental Health

  This week (4th-10th February 2019) is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. The school my youngest daughter, Alice, attends is encouraging the children to think about activities they do which help promote positive mental


29th January 2019

Magazine Cover Girl! (Well….Robot!)

Hellllllooooo!! It has been a VERY long time since I wrote a blog post. About three years, almost to the day in fact. In general, life took over, I was busy with orders, and I kind of fell out of love with my old website so couldn’t really


20th January 2016

Oaty Coconut Bars Recipe

The Most Delicious Oaty Coconut Bars Recipe These are gorgeous. I mean, really tasty. Well, I guess if you don’t like oats or coconut you might want to pass, but if you do, you HAVE to try these. And as a bonus, they are really quick to mak


12th January 2016

Children’s Classes at Marie’s Bakehouse

Did you know I used to be a Primary school teacher before I left to concentrate full time on the business and my family? I guess that’s probably why I enjoy the children’s classes at Marie’s Bakehouse so much. The adult classes are always g


4th October 2015

White chocolate oat cookie recipe

White Chocolate Oat Cookie Recipe. Soft chewy chocolate cookies, but the recipe could be adapted to use whatever you have in the cupboard- an combination of chocolate, dried fruit, nuts. Makes 24. Ingredients: 110g butter, softened, or baki


Coconut and Lime Cake Recipe

6th September 2015

Coconut and Lime Cake Recipe INGREDIENTS For the cake 225g baking margarine or butter 225g caster sugar 2 limes, zest and juice 225g self raising flour 100g dessicated coconut 3 eggs For the syrup juice of one lime 100g sugar 100ml of water


Rocky Horror Sugar Show

22nd June 2015

Have you heard about this yet? Have you been to like the facebook page? If not you’ll find it here. I highly recommend you go and view it, because there will be a lot going on there in the next few months. Let me tell you a story….
A grou


Nutella Oat Cookie Recipe

5th June 2015

Nutella Oat Cookie Recipe While I was making the Fruit Muesli and Peanut Butter Cookies, I decided to try a chocolate based ones for the children, knowing that they will not touch dried fruit with a barge pole now- despite eating their own


Father's Day Goodies Available from Marie's Bakehouse

26th May 2015

Father’s Day is just around the corner- Sunday 21st June here in the UK, so what are you going to treat your Dad to this year?
How about one of these mini cakes? Decorated as a shirt and bow tie, or a mug with DAD lettering. These will feed


How to make simple sugarpaste leaves

14th April 2015

This technique is one I use when making lots of simple sugarpaste leaves when modelling a small tree or plant, when leaf cutters are too large. It’s one I’ve used on lots of cakes, but here’s a picture of the way I used it a couple of diffe


Saving sore baker's hands with hemp handcream

18th March 2015

Need to know how to save sore cake maker’s hands?…..
Just a quick recommendation for today’s blog post. If you are washing your hands a lot while you are baking and decorating like I do, and especially in colder weather, it can wreck the


Recipe for Fruit Muesli and Peanut Butter Cookies

24th February 2015

I love food and I love making it. I cannot get away from that fact. In order to try and counteract this a bit, I’m a) trying to up my exercise levels and b) trying out slightly healthily snacks and recipes at the moment. But I don’t want th


Recipe for Oaty Banana Bites

12th February 2015

Recipe for making Oaty Banana Bites These are based on a recipe from the fb page Feed your family for about £20 a week.
They are ideal for breakfast on the go, or a sweet treat which is quite filling (well, it is when you’ve had thre

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