Awards and Shows

Award winning Marie’s Bakehouse has bagged a few awards at Cake International show in the last few years. Here are our awards and the cakes that won them!

[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”February 2013 GOLD MEDAL AWARD and FIRST IN CLASS for Easter themed celebration cake”]



[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”November 2013 SILVER MEDAL AWARD for Fairytale themed celebration cake”]

Storyteller Cake


[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”November 2014 BRONZE MEDAL AWARD for Christmas themed celebration cake”]

nativity cake

[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”February 2015 GOLD MEDAL AWARD for Wizard of Oz Celebration Cake”]

Wizard Of Oz Cake

[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”November 2015 SILVER MEDAL AWARD for fairy house celebration cake”]

CI tree stump

[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”March 2016 SILVER MEDAL AWARD for garden wedding cake”]

Garden wedding cake

[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”November 2016 SILVER MEDAL AWARD for park themed wedding cake”]


[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”Marie’s Bakehouse exhibited a dessert table at The Cake and Bake Show in Manchester in April 2014. The theme was Easter, here are the elements from it!“]

Easter dessert table

[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”November 2015 Marie was part of the admin and organisational team behind Sugar Show Productions bringing the Rocky Horror Sugar Show to Cake International.”]


[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”In March 2016 Sugar Show Productions brought Cake Carnival to Cake International.”]


[cws_sc_widget_text text_align=”center” text=”And in November 2016 Sugar Show Productions presented Fairytale Forest at Cake International.”]